Learn Korean for Kids

Overview Syllabus


Seed Level 1
12 Lessons

Sprout Level 2
12 Lessons

Sprout Level 3
20 Lessons

TOPIK Level Equivalent

Level 1 TOPIK I

Korean Edu Level

4-5 years old


- Able to read Korean.
- Able to converse about basic topics like weather, feeling, do roleplaying.
- Able to read and understand short phrases and words.
- Able to write short sentences.


- Able to have simple interactions with native Koreans
- Shopping in Korea
- Ordering food in Korea
- Construct simple sentences


Survival Level 1
12 Lessons

Survival Level 2
12 Lessons

Survival Level 3
20 Lessons

Survival Level 4
20 Lessons

TOPIK Level Equivalent

Level 2 TOPIK I 80/200
Level 3 TOPIK II 120/300

Korean Edu Level

Primary school 3rd year


- Able to understand short day-to-day conversation
- Able to command and use 5W1H at daily conversation
- Able to fluently read and understand topics with average 30 words in a page
- Able to write sentences with basic grammar accuracy


- Able to perform full conversation in Korea
- Running simple errands in Korea
- Able to react and respond to multiple situations in Korean


Solid Level 1
28 Lessons

Solid Level 2
24 Lessons

Solid Level 3
24 Lessons

Solid Level 4
28 Lessons

TOPIK Level Equivalent

Level 3 TOPIK II 120/300 – Level 4 TOPIK II 150/300

Korean Edu Level

High school First year


- Able to understand expression like agreement, comparison, recommendation.
- Able to fluently read & understand topics with average 100 words in a page.
- Able to write idioms with complicated grammars like tense, preposition & conjunction.


- Studying in Korea
- Working part time in Korea


Significant Level 1
32 Lessons

Significant Level 2
32 Lessons

Significant Level 3
32 Lessons

Significant Level 4
32 Lessons

TOPIK Level Equivalent

Level 4,5 TOPIK II 150/300 190/300 – Level 6 TOPIK II 190/300 230/300

Korean Edu Level

Adults, Excellent speakers


- Understanding and expressing Korean in a broader range of topics, such as the climate, work, performance, consumption, customs, politics, the economy and international topics.
- Able to understand debate topics like emphasis, persuasion, suggestion.
- Able to understand complex conversation about feelings, demand, favor, prohibition.


- Working professionally in Korea
- Building a career in Korea

The best way to learn Korean for Kids

Learning through metaverse environment

We are proud to be the first Korean language class in Malaysia using the metaverse concept, with online class being held in a virtual environment. It creates meaningful human connection and access to ‘locations’, no matter where you are. Today, we can learn at a zoo, tomorrow a restaurant.

Bringing Physical Location To Virtual Space

Online learning used to be a lonely journey. We allow Korean learning community to thrive with virtual classes that are designed to be interactive and encourage participation. Learn Korean for kids thru online games, videos, songs, books, posters, flashcards and worksheets.

Focus Learners

Every week, instructor will pick one or few learners to be ‘focus learners’. These focus learners will be tasked to answer all questions during that particular class to measure and track their progress / level.

Seed / Sprout Level 1

Korean classes in Malaysia for absolute beginners.


RM290 / 4 weeks


1 hour


Online / Gathertown

Who is this for

This class is designed for total beginners with strong emphasis on pronunciation and building a strong foundation. Our Korean language classes aim to build a solid oral and written foundation in our students by expanding their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills through active class interactions.

Do you have a physical class?

At Seed / Sprout Level, learning to pronounce the words correctly is extremely important. When you are wearing masks, your instructor will find it challenging to check if you are pronouncing the words correctly. As such, our classes are conducted online to provide a more effective learning experience and avoid fossilised pronunciation errors.

Class Schedule

Seed Level Wed 7.30PM (6 - 12 years old)

Sign Up in MYR


Registration: RM50

Deposit: RM100 (Refundable)

RM290 / 4 weeks

Sign Up in USD


Registration: US$12

Deposit: US$24 (Refundable)

US$69 / 4 weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

If you could not find what you’re looking for here, talk to us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

As a total beginner, you will start with Seed (L1).

 To start, you are required to pay a one-time fee for Registration and Deposit (Refundable). Fees for live classes are by subscription basis (every 4 weeks).

Upon registration on uBitto (where our classes are hosted), you will be given a meeting code to join the class at a stipulated time every week.

Language used in live class are Korean and English only.

Each lesson is 60-minutes (1 hour) but be prepared that the lesson at times goes beyond the duration depending on the scope of the day.

There will be no replacement class or refund for each session missed. You will be able to rewatch playback recordings to catch up.

No, we do not have any physical classes due to COVID-19. As for 1-on-1 private sessions, if you have a foundation in Korean language, you can book a Practice Buddy to brush up your conversational skills. Your Buddy will also be able to validate your level and help correct your grammar, pronunciation and more.

Upon completion of each level, you will be issued a certificate by uBitto. Do note that this certificate only acts as Proof of Completion.

The only certificate recognised by Korea/worldwide is to take the International Proficiency Test for Korean Language (TOPIK exam).

There will be no official test but instructors will conduct quizzes and small tests to gauge students’ understanding and level from time to time. This also serve as checkpoint to get to know about students’ comfortability to proceed further.

Yes, classes are conducted according to 5S Level (refer to Overview Syllabus). Learners can learn as long as they want until they are comfortable with their fluency level.

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