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Kids Korean Class

Our Kids Korean class are carefully customized for kids aged 5-12. Kids can learn Korean in a fun way, while being exposed to arts, music and traditional Korean culture.

Who is this for

This program is designed for total beginners with strong emphasis on pronunciation and building a strong foundation. It aims to build a solid oral and written foundation in our students by expanding their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills through active class interactions.

University Students
High Schoolers
K-Pop / K-Drama Fan
Anyone with a passion!
Learn through play

Meet and learn together with other passionate learners. There will be plenty interactive sessions and games in class that emulate real-world situations, allowing you to practise.

Access to Community

Get 24/7 instructor support and be connected with native or fluent speakers around the world. Have a question? Answer is just a message away.

Learn on social platform

As you learn with us, your entire journey is managed on one powerful platform - uBitto. Your submitted progress, class notes, Q&A will be consolidated. You will get access to useful tech features designed to make you improve.

What you'll learn

The program focuses on the essentials, so you'll learn exactly what you need to start speaking Korean or improve your exam results (for TOPIK Preparation). No need for textbook theories even a native doesn't use!

Recognise and Read Korean Characters

You will be taught the most effective way to build a strong foundation, making sure there is no mistake from the get go. Fossilised pronunciation error is something that is difficult to remove at a later stage.

Master Pronunciation, Reading and Listening

It's extremely important to be able to read smoothly so that you can focus on grasping concepts and knowledge easily without being stuck. You will also be taught how to catch keyphrases to understand someone without knowing entire sentence.

Understanding Korean Honorifics

Honorifics are incredibly important in Korean culture for proper conversation and relationship-building. As a beginner, you are not expected to use every honorifics correctly but it is useful when you need to deal with Koreans in a more formal setting.

Useful Korean Basic Expressions

You will be learning lots of basic expressions for different purposes - be it in school, workplace, travel, shopping, asking for help etc.

Making Sentences for Conversations

You will learn some of the basic grammar concepts which are important to build sentences and start coversing. Some concepts include A=B structure, Korean pronouns, Korean particles, using 'this, that, it' and more.

Program Details


Beginner I (Zero background)


3 months (12 lessons)

Date / Time

Choose 1 session:

Sat 9-10AM (Kids)
Sat 10.30-11.30AM (Adults)
Sun 10.30-11.30AM (Adults)


Pay only RM850 for sign ups before 20th Sep 2023


Penang Digital Library

135, Jln Masjid Negeri, Taman Guan Joo Seng, 11600 George Town, Pulau Pinang

Your instructor

Yoon Jung Hyun (Yoon Ssam)

Yoon Ssam is the principal teacher at Penang Korean Class and founder of uBitto. As a Korean language instructor in Malaysia for close to 10 years, he is a strong advocate of active and purposeful learning, as reflected in his way of teaching Korean language.

What students are saying

Mr Yoon is a very experienced and talented language teacher. He knows which way works the best for student to learn a new language efficiently. His class is interactive and fun, not typical “go by the book” style, I have never once feel sleepy or tired in the class even though im attending class after work. A really cool teacher! 감사합 니다!
Rachel Eng
Not your conventional type of classroom environment. Ssam always try to make the lessons more fun, interesting and enjoyable for the students. Aside from learning the language, we also get to learn about the Korean culture. Highly recommend to those who are interested in learning the language and meeting new friends!
Hoong Yip Lee
Mr. Yoon's class offers a fun-filled, relaxed environment where I can practise using new words and are free to express myself. Participating those recreational activities offered by Mr. Yoon is also an effective way to develop language and communication skills.
Huey Shin
If you want to have an interactive and non boring Korean class, Yoon Ssam class is the best choice to go with it. Almost 2 years with the class and never feel boring. It suitable for working group and learn a language in a leisure and comfortable way.
Joanna Tan
We are learning the language in an activity based lesson which doesnt focus only on textbook, but incorporated with activities like quizzes, applying vocabs into lyrics of songs and pictures or posters, as well as discussions or thought sharing with other friends using only korean language.
PL Yong
For those who interested in learning Korean, highly recommend Mr Yoon, a native Korean and funny sir, you won't get bored in the class.. Very lucky to have a teacher dedicated to his teaching. It is clear that he likes the things he does, he really wants his students can write and speak fluent in Korean.
Nikki Mendes

Batch starting from: Mid October 2023


Is the fee a one-time payment?

Yes, fee is one-time payment.

What is the language used in class?

English and Korean.

What if classes fall on public holiday?

Only when it is group cancelation (by voting) or Mr Yoon is not available, the lesson will not be counted.For personal absence, the class will still be counted and on as usual. There will be no replacement class or refund for each lesson missed.

Are there any replacement live classes available if I missed any?

There will be no replacement class or refund for each session missed.

Do I get certified?

Upon completion, you will be issued a certificate by uBitto. Do note that this certificate only acts as Proof of Completion.The only certificate recognised by Korea/worldwide is to take the International Proficiency Test for Korean Language (TOPIK exam).You can use this certificate to apply for jobs or for education purposes. This is an external exam conducted twice a year in Malaysia, usually in April or October at Kuala Lumpur.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept most major credit cards (Mastercard / VISA) and also bank transfer.

Batch Starting From: Mid October 2023

Level Progression

Learners will start from Seed (Beginner I) to Survival (Intermediate II), achieving conversational standard. After completing conversational standard, learners will be fluent enough to engage with Koreans in daily conversations and acquire TOPIK 1 2nd grade certificate.


From Survival (Intermediate III) to Significant (Advanced I), learners will learn to be proficient enough to take TOPIK II test and acquire 4th grade certificate. Students will be able to pursue their higher education in Korea.


For Significant (Advanced II) till Significant+ level under professional standard, learners will be reading, writing and speaking in a professional level. Learners who complete these levels can acquire 5th / 6th grade certificate from TOPIK II and this certificate will enable them to pursue their career in Korea.

Level Achievements

Seed / Sprout

TOPIK Level Equivalent

Level 1 TOPIK I

Korean Edu Level

4-5 years old


- Able to read Korean.
- Able to converse about basic topics like weather, feeling, do roleplaying.
- Able to read and understand short phrases and words.
- Able to write short sentences.


- Able to have simple interactions with native Koreans
- Shopping in Korea
- Ordering food in Korea
- Construct simple sentences


Primary School 3rd Year

Korean Edu Level

Level 2 TOPIK I - Level 3 TOPIK II


- Able to understand short day-to-day conversation
- Able to command and use 5W1H at daily conversation
- Able to fluently read and understand topics with average 30 words in a page
- Able to write sentences with basic grammar accuracy


- Able to perform full conversation in Korea
- Running simple errands in Korea
- Able to react and respond to multiple situations in Korean


TOPIK Level Equivalent

Level 3 TOPIK II – Level 4 TOPIK II

Korean Edu Level

High school First year


- Able to understand expression like agreement, comparison, recommendation.
- Able to fluently read & understand topics with average 100 words in a page.
- Able to write idioms with complicated grammars like tense, preposition & conjunction.


- Studying in Korea
- Working part time in Korea


Level 4,5 TOPIK II – Level 6 TOPIK II

Korean Edu Level

Adults, Excellent speakers


- Understanding and expressing Korean in a broader range of topics, such as the climate, work, performance, consumption, customs, politics, the economy and international topics.
- Able to understand debate topics like emphasis, persuasion, suggestion.
- Able to understand complex conversation about feelings, demand, favor, prohibition.


- Working professionally in Korea
- Building a career in Korea

The best way to learn Korean for Kids

1:1 Tutor

Private 1:1 session for a targeted study or for learners who want to have someone to practise with.

You will be directed to uBitto, the learning platform where our programs are hosted.

Group Class

Join a class weekly and be able to interact live with instructor and other learners.

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